Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?    We have a “come as you are” policy. Casual is just as welcome as dressed up. You’ll see people wear anything from business casual to t-shirt and jeans.
Where do I park?    We have spaces clearly marked for visitors toward the front doors, on the southeast corner of the building.
What are services like?    Our two services are similar but different. While the sermons are the same, but the worship style differs from traditional to contemporary music. We hope you’ll find one of our services fits your preference. Our start times are different because we set aside 5 minutes at the beginning of the service for prayer, to get our hearts and minds ready to worship. The sermons are roughly 40 minutes, and we are careful to keep our services to an hour.
Traditional Service: Sundays @ 8:25am
Contemporary Service: Sundays @ 10:55am
Do you have coffee?     YES! Like the majority of people, we need coffee to get us going in the morning. There’s no shame if that’s you! We also serve tea for those non-coffee, caffeine-needing people. When you come in our main doors, there is a glass door on the left wall that leads to our Library — our coffee (and tea) and creamers are inside the Library.
How do I know where I’m going?    We have greeters ready and willing to help you get to where you need to go. We also have signs indicating the location of our nursery, restrooms, office, classrooms, etc. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, our Welcome Area is right by the front door.
Can I attend Sunday School?    Yes! Our Sunday School hour starts at 9:45am. Our greeters can help you find a small group that fits you best. We have small groups for children of all ages, youth students, college students, married couples, and older adults.