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First Southern Baptist Church exists to help people follow Jesus. For us this is HUGE. If you have yet to be introduced to Jesus we would love to introduce you.  If you’ve followed Him a long time, we want to help you grow deeper in that relationship. We are here to help you abide in Jesus personally and daily, connect to community in large and small groups, and share the Gospel locally and globally. These words — abide, connect, share — are what we believe the Life of a Jesus Follower looks like.

Our church is a community of believers with Jesus Christ as its head. We seek to love, respect, and care for one another as a demonstration of our love for God.

Sunday Service Times

Traditional Service @ 8:25am | Sunday School @ 9:45am | 

Contemporary Service @ 10:55am | Teaching Service @ 6pm


How Can There Only Be One Way To God?

How Can There Only Be One Way To God?

Categories: Questions
February 2, 2019

This morning we begin a new series called “Questions.” When people ask, How can there be only one way to God? They presume that Christianity causes division and there are other equally valid paths to God. Today we will learn that the Gospel did not produce division, it destroyed division so that everyone is welcome through faith in Christ.

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