God Time

Finding time to abide with God, connecting with our Creator, can be very difficult for many of us. Carving out time for that personal time with God seems important to us, but yet the busy-ness of life keeps dropping other things in front of "God Time". 

Yet deep down we desperately desire to connect with our Creator. And He wants to connect with us. Figuring out how to do that seems difficult, though. After all, God is God. He's huge and mysterious and greater than us. He's everywhere, yet He's invisible. So we don't connect with God in quite the same way we would with a friend at a coffee shop. Yet He asks us to come and spend time with Him.

So how do we, in the words of Philip Yancey, "reach for the invisible God?" The answer is simple enough: We make it a habit. The trick seems to be keeping our intentional efforts from becoming empty rituals that contain our spiritual efforts rather than enliven them.

Here are some links to resources we encourage you to check out in order to develop that ability to Abide with your Creator: