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What We Believe About Baptism

We believe baptism is much more than simply getting dunked under water. Baptism does not equal salvation. You are not saved just because you got dunked. Baptism is a symbol to the Church and to the world that you have made the decision to allow Jesus to be your Savior. Baptism shows that you have been buried with Jesus in His death, and raised to new life in Him. Baptism shows everyone that, because of your decision to follow Jesus, you are a new creation [1 Cor. 5:17]. What a thing to celebrate!

If you have accepted God’s free gift of salvation but have never expressed that decision through baptism, we would love to meet with you to talk more about that! Text “follow” to 67076 and someone will be in contact with you about that decision.

We are always so excited to celebrate new life! If you’d like to be baptized, contact us by texting in or calling our church office – 785-272-0443.